Active School Holidays for Young and Old

by Jan

School holidays are a great opportunity for grandparents to be more involved with their grandchildren.


School holidays can be both a challenge, for parents to fill in the days, and an opportunity for grandparents to be more involved with their grandchildren, to the benefit of all.

I’m fortunate to live in Wellington as do some of my grandchildren so when I can I like to take them to new places around the city. Their scooters make life easy as even when they were younger they could scoot one way and be pulled up hills or when they got tired. I have trouble keeping up with them most times so that forces me to walk fast which is great for my fitness. Luckily they have been taught good road sense and know when to stop and wait for me before crossing roads.

One of their favourite places is the Botanical Gardens. You can go up in the cable car, then walk down to the children’s playground, further down to the duck pond and catch the bus or walk/scoot back down town, or vice versa. Playground activities that are most preferred are the long twin slides, the swings and the flying fox. The turntable swing ride is also a highlight as long as I can push it fast enough. I love playgrounds too as I can pretend I’m still a child.

The wharf front is another great place to explore. Te Papa is great when the weather is not so good and it means lots of stairs, activities and an outside adventure space to run around. Then there are the museums at one end of the water front with a playground on the way and another playground at the other end, with boats and adventure areas on the way. Last year the ice skating rink was popular with both my grandchildren and my children.

The children like the break from their routine of school and often sports activates such as swimming and cricket practice after school. I like having some time to be with them without it costing a fortune and involving my I pad and we all gain the benefit of enjoying what Wellington has freely on offer and the time to enjoy it using active ( and some public) transport. A big bonus is also the fact that everyone is tired and sleeps well at the end of the day.