Many schools, sports teams and clubs fundraise to raise money to purchase resources and equipment.

Fundraising can be an opportunity to promote healthy lifestyles to the whole school community.

Fundraising can also promote unhealthy lifestyles. Selling sweets and other unhealthy snack sends the wrong message to students.

There are alternatives. Healthy foods, goods and services and fun school community events are healthy fundraising alternatives.

Healthy fundraising activities

Healthy fundraising activities include:

  • auction or sale of donated goods and services 
  • auction or sale of students' artwork 
  • car wash 
  • casual dress or dress up days 
  • entry fee from school plays or concerts 
  • gala with healthy options 
  • disco or ball 
  • hot cross buns 
  • mother's or Father's Day stalls 
  • purchasing from a fundraising catalogue 
  • raffle 
  • selling home baked foods or healthy foods (i.e. fruit drive) 
  • selling home made goods and crafts 
  • sports event such as fun runs 
  • trash and treasure or car boot sale.

Other healthy fundraising activities

Schools and parents can sell or auction discounted or donated goods and services from parents or local businesses. 

Examples include:

  • apple slinky machines (makes spirals of apple)
  • apples direct from grower 
  • children's stickers and labels 
  • children's toys 
  • craft project kits 
  • energy efficient light globes 
  • ‘Entertainment' Books 
  • frozen fruit ice creams (mashed banana base and add other fruit) 
  • greeting cards printed with children's art work 
  • jobs around the house such as window washing, gardening, etc 
  • locally written books 
  • newspaper and magazine subscriptions 
  • personalised t-shirts 
  • printed tea towels with kids' drawings or photos 
  • punnets of seedlings or bulbs 
  • re-usable cloth shopping bags with school logo or children's own designs 
  • stationery items 
  • theatre and movie tickets 
  • toiletry products that can bought in bulk 
  • toothpaste/toothbrush.

What you can do

  • Write a letter to the school principal with your concerns about unhealthy fundraising. Include the above list of healthy fundraising ideas. 
  • Join the school committee or volunteer to assist the fundraising committee. Make change from within. 
  • Speak to local retailers and manufacturers. Negotiate special prices on items suitable for healthy fundraising or get donations for auction.