School Food Guidelines

National Administration Guidelines

Schools are required to promote healthy food and nutrition for all students, but don’t have to sell healthy foods or beverages.

In 2007 the Government launched a set of guidelines which required schools to provide only healthy food to children. Most schools accepted and complied with these guidelines, recognising the responsibility they had to provide healthy food options for their students.

In February 2009 the Government removed the requirement to sell only healthy food and beverages on school premises. However, schools are still required to promote healthy food and nutrition as part of the curriculum.

Unfortunately, many schools have now reverted back to selling mostly unhealthy options. Schools argue they are heavily reliant on the profits from selling junk foods in canteens, vending machines and fundraisers. But there are other fundraising options which do not compromise children’s health.

Are profits really more important that your child’s health?

And shouldn’t schools be consistent about their healthy eating messages?

What you can do

  • Talk to other parents, teachers, and the Board of Trustees. Insist your child’s health should take priority over profits. 
  • Check the school’s Healthy Eating Policy, if it has one. If not, encourage the school to write one.
  • Suggest our list of healthy fundraising alternatives to your school – (See our fundraising section.)