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October 12 2012

Healthy School Fundraising Survey Report

Parents Voice recently had responses from 23 people for the survey on healthy school fundraising. Of those, 30% had three school or preschool children, 20% two, 15 % one and 30% did not have children. The majority (66.7%) had children who ttended primary schools, with 46.7% attending preschools, 20% intermediate and 26.7% secondary schools.

Parents who answered the survey reported that most schools of all types (Preschool, Primary School, Intermediate and Secondary) had less than three fundraising activities each year. One parent however reported a preschool having six or more fundraising events and three parents involved with primary schools reported four events, three reported five event and one reported six or more events.

Eighty per cent of preschool, 64% of primary school, 50% of intermediate school and 80 % of secondary school fundraising events involved food. Most considered the food involved to be healthy.

  • At least 75% in half the reported cases and all of those in the other half at preschools considered the food involved to be healthy.
  • In primary schools over half considered less that 50% of the food to be healthy, with between 75 and 100 % to be healthy in almost 40% of events. Examples of healthy fundraising included tea towels, quiz evenings, concerts, children growing and selling vegetables and fruit, selling, calendars and a motor bike relay. Interestingly two parents considered chocolate to be healthy and one milo and a smart cookie to be healthy. Parents Voice considers these foods to be treat food rather than healthy options.
  • In secondary school it was reported that less that 50% or no fundraising events involved healthy food.

 In school fundraising events involving unhealthy food, the most commonly reported activity was selling chocolate. Other unhealthy foods were sweets, pizza, biscuits, ice blocks, sausages, chippies and sweetened ‘fizzy’ drinks. Parents considered that events with food or selling food should align to health food policies and they disliked rewards of sweet food (eg. chocolate fish) being given to children. One parent stated they disliked the chocolate selling because it involved children collecting money and they sometimes felt obliged to buy the chocolate if their child did not sell it.

In summary, all parents involved in preschools were happy with the fundraising in their children’s schools, over 60% of parents involved with primary and intermediate schools were happy and 75% of secondary school parents were happy with the fundraising activities in their children school. Comments included their disappointment with schools focussing on unhealthy food, especially chocolate selling and there was a general call for the government to ensure the investment in schools met the education needs of the next generation.

Parents Voice would like to thank the people who participated in this survey.

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