What is Parents Voice?

Find out more about Parents Voice, what we do, and how you can join.

Parents Voice is an online community of parents, whanau and caregivers. We want to improve all the things that influence what children eat and how active they are. We want to make it easier for children to eat well and be physically active in New Zealand.

We share ideas and campaign on issues such as:

  • Food Marketing to Children
  • Access to Fresh Local Food
  • Safe Streets for Kids
  • Healthy Schools
  • Children's Nutrition.

Our website has information to help you become a champion for your own children’s health or a local campaigner for better food and physical activity in your community.

Who are we?

Four organisations administer Parents Voice:

These organisations want to improve what children eat and how active they are, and reduce overweight and obesity in New Zealand. One of the biggest health threats facing our children is the risk of developing serious disease because of overweight and obesity.

Views and opinions on this website or in the media may not represent the views of these organisations. The views and opinions expressed on Parents Voice are those of parents or caregivers, not commercial interests.

Funding for Parents Voice came from the Obesity Action Coalition. Parents Voice does not receive sponsorship from commercial companies.

The idea for Parents Voice came from Parent’s Jury in Australia. Parents Jury began in 2004 and now has over 4000 members. Parent’s Jury has been generous in supporting Parents Voice and in sharing information.

What is involved

Becoming a member of Parents Voice means that you can add your voice to others to call for things that will make it easier for New Zealand children to eat better and be more physically active. Lots of voices added together are more likely to be successful to get change than a lone voice. 

You can make your voice heard by:

  • voting in online surveys and opinion polls
  • submitting comments and views on children's nutrition and physical activity issues.
  • contribute to a Parents Voice campaign.

Your information contributes to the collective voice of Parents Voice. We won’t identify individual members to the media - unless you give us permission and you have done Parents Voice’s spokesperson media training. If you would like to undergo media training email us at Parents Voice .

The more parents, whanau and caregivers who join Parents Voice, the more powerful our voice will be.